In order to get started on your journey of learning Spanish, the first step is to know your current level of Spanish abilities. If you are a complete beginner- then you know for sure. If you’ve had a few years of Spanish in school and can converse fairly well, then your particular level may be harder to pin down. If you are having a hard time knowing where you are in your Spanish journey, then perhaps THIS SCALE would help you identify your skill level.

Now that you can pinpoint more accurately how advanced you are, you are probably wondering which products will help push you to the next level. Luckily, we have broken it down for you.

If you are a complete beginner with no previous experience then you will need to look at a few particular products. In order for you to begin being exposed to the present tense of Spanish, I strongly suggest Shortcut to Spanish and Synergy Spanish by Marcus Santamaria. The student who masters these two programs is able to speak in full sentences in the present tense.

If you are somewhere in levels 1-5, it is ESSENTIAL that you learn all of the verb tenses. For this purpose, there are two products that will help you tremendously. The first is The Spanish Tutor course from Affordable Spanish. This is the majority of their first 30 days in their 90 day program- and provides the most comprehensive explanation to the verb tenses that we have found anywhere. You can read our full review of their program HERE. The other product that you will need in order to practice what you have learned is the Verbarrator. This product is interactive software that will make sure that you have a comprehensive command of each of the verb tenses. You can read our full review of their product HERE.

For the student who finds themselves somewhere in levels 2-4, another FABULOUS program is Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 1. This will start to train your ear for native speakers, as well as start expanding your vocabulary. The LSLC Level 1 graduate can expect to be conversant with topics that they are familiar with in some of the simpler tenses. That being said- their program is a great first step for you to begin conversing with native speakers. You can read our complete review of Learning Spanish Like Crazy HERE.

For the student who has mastered LSLC Level 1, it’s time to start pushing your vocabulary and your usage of the other verb tenses. Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 2 is designed specifically for that purpose. It will tune your ear to become much more conversant with natives, and will provide you with a complete working knowledge of the Subjunctive Mood (one of the most feared topics in Spanish). Coupled with the first 60 days of the 90 day program from Affordable Spanish, the student who masters these two programs is well on their way to being an intermediate-advanced student.

If you have managed to familiarize yourself thoroughly with the Intermediate category of The Spanish Tutor program and/or Level 2 of Learning Spanish Like Crazy, then you have probably found yourself near level 7 on OUR SCALE. First- CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve made it further than most ever do. Now to push you over the edge, it’s time to expose you to the days 61-90 of the 90 day program at Affordable Spanish. Their last 30 days are a boot camp for those wanting to really push their Spanish to the next level. It walks you through music, videos, games, and even a novel that was written for the student wanting to expand their vocabulary immensely. Upon completion of this program- you’ll be pushing yourself to levels 8 or 9 of OUR SCALE.

Another alternative to the 90 day boot camp from Affordable Spanish is the new Fast Lane Spanish course from Learning Like Crazy. Please read our review on that phenomenal, new product HERE.

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