We have had MANY requests to review LoMasTV as a Spanish learning program- and I must say that this review is long overdue. We have spent some time looking through their materials, and we are pleasantly surprised at the strides that his program has made.

During it’s original inception, they were built on a slightly older platform for website design, and they didn’t have nearly as much content as they currently do. The reason this is important is because their site is now JAM-PACKED with excellent quality instructional videos, and it is not coded in HTML5. For you “non-techies” out there, this is important because you watch the videos with the translations and transcripts on your iPhone/iPad devices.

Now, on to their videos. They have hundreds of high quality videos ranging from music and interviews to news broadcasts and novela clips to help you get a well rounded exposure to the Spanish language. They are even sorted by difficulty so that as your skills improve you can continue to push yourself in the right direction.

To give you a better idea of their content, we thought we’d just add some free samples from their site so that you can see for yourself. Please watch the videos below and keep in mind that you can click on any word and see a dictionary reference of it during the video. This is incredibly helpful!  See below:

Juanes – Fotografía

El Aula Azul – Una historia de dos ciudades

Doña Conchita – Birria de Res

Shakira – Gitana

Muñeca Brava – 1 Piloto

With plans allowing you to pay less than $2.00 per week (billed annually), you simply can’t find a better tool than LoMasTV to help evolve your Spanish abilities.


The Good:

The advantages to LoMasTV.com is that the Yabla video player is incredibly sophisticated, easy-to-use, convenient, and plays on iPhone/iPad devices.

The Bad:

The only downside to this program it isn’t something that you can download and listen to going down the road, as it is completely video based. That means you have to be connected to a fairly high speed internet for the entire duration of the time that you are using this course.

The Overview:

Great for someone who has a constant connection to the internet in their office/home or wherever they are studying!

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