Learning Spanish Like Crazy – Level 3 picks up exactly where Level 2 left off… The student who masters this set is a very conversationally bilingual speaker who can comfortably communicate with natives. These lessons cover topics that will aid you in day to day activities and dramatically improve your vocabulary.  As always with Learning Spanish Like Crazy, this set is professionally recorded and comes from one of (if not “the”) best language instructions companies in existence. Topics covered in this set are as follows:

  • Vocabulary related to going to a party
  • Vocabulary covering for attending a university
  • Vocabulary related to going to “el circo” or “the circus”
  • Household vocabulary
  • Vocabulary related to eating
  • Vocabulary covering the names of family members
  • Vocabulary for cleaning the home
  • Vocabulary for health and medicine
  • Vocabulary for “los deportes” or Sports

There are also added 4 bonus Spanish lessons that cover the following:

  • Bonus Lesson A: Palabras de amor y palabras románticas o “words of love and romantic words.”
  • Bonus Lesson B: Palabras de amor y palabras románticas o “words of love and romantic words” continued.
  • Bonus Lesson C: Vocabulary for describing physical traits and characteristics of one’s personality.
  • Bonus Lesson D: Helpful Spanish expressions and idioms.

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