Learning Spanish Like Crazy is largely considered to be the most effective company in the world at teaching real Latin-American Spanish. Their programs can take a Spanish novice and have them communicating effectively with native speakers.

Their company has produced some of the most praised products available anywhere. See The Good, The Bad, and The Overview below:

The Good:
Native speakers, using scripts containing vocabulary pertinent to everyday conversation, will have you follow along with them, asking questions and having you take part in their conversation. This forces you to engage as a participant in their conversation as you would in everyday life.

The lessons are professionally recorded by native speakers, and the quality of the audio files are great. The pausing in between sentences give the proper amount of time for you to translate in your head yet force you to get better as the lessons go along. Having personally reviewed each of their programs, our team can honestly report that their programs provide the best “listen and repeat” style approach of any product available anywhere.

The Bad:
The products that Learning Spanish Like Crazy offer have phenomenal content, and very few drawbacks. With that being said,we want to make sure that we provide a fair assessment of exactly what your money buys with these programs.

The primary drawback of the Learning Spanish Like Crazy program was the lack of explanation as to how the verb conjugations and sentence word order work. This is often times the most challenging areas for native English speakers, and there isn’t really any explanation regarding these areas in their program. To offset this, there is plenty of opportunities to practice the conjugations and word changes, as well as their product called The Verberrator which is easily the best product we have found anywhere to learn the verb conjugations. However, without any explanation as to how the conjugations work, it does require the purchase of The Verberrator for that additional practice.

The next drawback of their program is in their site itself. While their products contain the best content imaginable, the delivery of this content is a negative. The products are immediately downloadable after your payment, and they do download in a few zip files which are not difficult at all to download and unzip. With that being said, you do have to download the files and add them to your device that you are going to play them back with. Their site offers a message forum to ask questions, but the categorization could be a little more intuitive. Offering the ability to play the lessons back online through a mobile device would definitely give this entire set our highest review. Their sites are a very small part of the program, but are amateurish at best. Don’t let this hold you back, as it is a very small part of the learning process, and is merely a convenience that isn’t offered here.

The Overview:
This entire line of products is top-notch. The professionalism of these products is only surpassed by the content that is included in them. The vocabulary is pertinent to every day life, the speed is demanding of the student without being overbearing, and the lessons provide ample opportunities for the student to both re-enforce the lessons as well as practice new vocabulary.

If this product had a slightly more intuitive website system for content delivery and perhaps a little explanation of the verb conjugations, then it would be the most complete and perfect learning system ever devised.

While it lacks these two areas, the Learning Spanish Like Crazy system is still the best of the best. When it comes to learning Latin American Spanish, this system of products receives our highest ratings.

Their products are as follows:

  • Learning Spanish Like Crazy – Level 1
    • This set is for beginner students with little to no background in Spanish. The student who masters this set is able to engage in everyday conversation with topics that are familiar to the speaker. It lies a great foundation for the remainder of the set.
  • Learning Spanish Like Crazy – Level 2
    • This set is for intermediate students and/or graduates of Level 1. The student who masters this set is able to engage in everyday conversation with relative comfort and ease, and can talk around topics containing vocabulary that they are unfamiliar with. This picks up where Level 1 left off, and offers an excellent view of Spanish. Any student who masters this set can communicate effectively in Spanish.
  • Learning Spanish Like Crazy – Level 3
    • This set is for advanced students and/or graduates of Level 2. The student who masters this set is truly able to communicate with native speakers. Their vocabulary is advanced and they are able to follow conversations in groups or one-on-one. They can communicate more effectively than many students who get a degree in Spanish. They are truly bi-lingual, and from here on, simply need to continue expanding their vocabulary.
    • Read a full review of Level 3 HERE.
  • Fast Lane Spanish
    • This set is for advanced students and/or graduates of Level 2 or Level 3. The student who masters this set is familiar with slang, common sayings, dialects, and communicating with native speakers. They have little to no trouble at all communicating with virtually any native Latin-American Spanish speaker. They are fluent in the Spanish language.
    • Read a full review of Fast Lane Spanish HERE.
  • Hear and Speak Spanish
    • This set is for intermediate to advanced students and/or graduates of Level 1 or Level 2. This software is an excellent tool at practicing vocabulary, verb tenses, and other general exercises that will reinforce the lessons you have learned.
  • Spanish Accent Maestro
    • Introducing SAM (Spanish Accent Maestro), the first Spanish language product created to help you develop an authentic accent and pronounce every word and every sound just like a native Spanish speaker. Thought you’d never be able to roll your R’s? Well, think again! With SAM by your side you will not only learn how to “roll your Rs,” you will also learn how to pronounce the most difficult Spanish sounds. SAM combines video, text, audio, and animation to coach you through every Spanish sound pronunciation. But, SAM is a lot more than a Spanish pronunciation coach… It also trains your “hearing” to discriminate between different Spanish sounds and words that sound alike. So what does all this mean for you? SAM will improve your Spanish pronunciation and enhance your listening skills!
  • The Verberrator
    • This is no small statement…. This product is THE BEST resource that we have ever found for teaching students the verb tense conjugations. Every conjugation is covered, and this set should a “must have” for every student that is serious about learning Spanish. If you don’t already own this set, click THIS link and buy it now. It’s not worth wasting any more time thinking about- you need this tool. You can see a video overview below or read our full review HERE.


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