The FSI Spanish set is one for the serious student. Originally developed by the Foreign Services Institute (FSI), this set consists of four levels which are loaded with information. They have recently seemingly merged (been bought buy/were overtaken by?) with Learning Spanish Like Crazy as their site now indicates on the front page that Patrick Jackson is sending the newsletters. In fact, if you buy Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 1, you will receive FSI Spanish Levels 3 and 4 absolutely FREE. This course has tons of vocabulary, builds verb usages quickly, and will expose the listener to quite a bit of Spanish in a relatively short period of time.

This is a lot of material that can take a student pretty deep into Spanish, but that is not to say that this course doesn’t have it’s shortcomings. This course seems to be Patrick Jackson’s strategic maneuvering of eliminating competition, but the quality of his Learning Spanish Like Crazy set is much higher. The recording quality of the FSI program is less than adequate, and the speaker seems quite monotone and (quite frankly) boring. If the student is able to understand and keep interested by this course, then there is much that can be learned from it.

Click HERE to visit their website and get more information regarding their program.

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