The makers of Learning Spanish Like Crazy have done it again… They have created a product that is designed to take their students from intermediate levels to advanced by studying various topics and listening to native speakers. This is the product you’ve been waiting for!

The dialogs are native speakers in professional recording studios. There is professional background noise to give the feeling that you are actually in a park/airport/restaurant/etc. They have done a superb job as using slang terms, native conversational speeds, and real-life vocabulary that you will hear in Latin-American countries. In short, we have also spoken VERY highly of the Learning Like Crazy programs- but this one is on an entirely different level. This is a game-changer for the student who has graduated from their Level 2 course.

In this course, they use actual video recordings of native speakers in both audio and video formats. You can play the videos in live speed or in a slowed speed to help “tune” your ear. They have also included transcripts in both English and Spanish to ensure that you get every word. In just two of the categories included in this course- there are more than 140 files that you have immediate access to!

Bottom line- if you are an intermediate student who can impress others with how well you can communicate in Spanish but need a push toward being able to understand native speakers better, then don’t even hesitate to buy this product. At under $200- you will not be able to find a better tool to really enhance your listening skills.

If you go straight to their site, you will find that they do not have any availability remaining. Don’t believe us? Go look at for yourself at THIS LINK. You can be placed on a waiting list to get started. However- if you want to get started immediately you can take advantage of this exclusive offer by going through the Spanish Site Reviews link to Fast Lane Advanced Spanish.

If you are a new Spanish student- then you need to immediately familiarize yourself with the Learning Like Crazy company. Their founder, Patrick Jackson, has done a fantastic job of putting the gringo student on the fast-track to communicating like a true Latin-American speaker. If you have very little background in Spanish- then you should check out Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 1 and also The Verberrator. As you get accustomed to the dialogs in Level 1, challenge yourself to the next level by going to Nivel Dos! If you are already a Nivel Dos graduate- then you are ready for the Fast Lane to Advanced Spanish!

Follow Up Review

As a follow up review, I’d like to add some details about the Fast Lane Spanish Advanced course. In the previous post, I talked about the quality and quantity of the content, but don’t think that I placed enough emphasis on exactly what the content covers.

Unlike the original Learning Spanish Like Crazy courses, Fast Lane Advanced Spanish doesn’t use the listen and repeat method of teaching. The goal of this course isn’t to necessarily enhance the student’s ability to communicate; that was accomplished in the first two courses. The purpose of this course is to enhance the student’s ability to understand truly native speakers. In doing so, the student will inevitably learn some new vocabulary, but the true value is comprehension of native conversations.

If you are a student struggling to be able to convey your thoughts and communicate, then you’ll want to start with the other two courses. However, if your challenge is keeping up in conversations with native speakers and unfamiliar vocabulary, then this course is worth it’s weight in gold! It absolutely sets the standard as the final push towards fluency.

That being said: be advised that this course is for the student wanting to go from intermediate to advanced. Just because you know how to ask for a beer doesn’t mean that you are ready for this series. See our fluency scale, and if you find yourself at a 6 or higher then stop reading right now and go buy this set. It’s the last one you’ll need.

The student who masters this course is fluent, a completely bilingual speaker. They can effectively communicate on virtually any topic in Spanish with native speakers. They are familiar with common idioms and slang terms, along with different dialects. As stated before, the master students of this course are fluent in Spanish, period.


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