If you are just starting on your Spanish journey- then the first thing that you’ll want to really get good at is the verb tenses of Spanish. For that purpose, we have three products that we recommend you invest in!

The first product is the new course called The Spanish Tutor by Affordable Spanish. This program focuses on their explanations of the verb tenses, the uses of the Spanish pronouns, and the uses of the word “se.” These explanations are of the utmost importance as they really help you to understand how the conjugations behave. This is the most in-depth explanation of the verb tenses that we have found yet.

The next product that we suggest is the Verbarrator. In order for you to really practice all of the verb conjugations that you learned with the 30 Day Electronic Class you will need the Verbarrator to practice each and every tense until you have a complete understanding.

Lastly, you will need the book 501 Spanish Verbs by Kendris to supplement the lectures from The Spanish Tutor. Their lectures go hand-in-hand with this book and you’ll find that it’s worth it’s weight in gold!

So for around $100, you can invest in these three resources and have enough Spanish to keep you busy for a while. Furthermore, the end result will be something that most Spanish students never have– a COMPLETE understanding of the Spanish verb tenses!

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