So you’ve conquered LSLC Level 2. You’ve polished off your verb conjugation skills with the Verberrator. You don’t have much trouble conveying your thoughts and speaking confidently. The only problem is…….. UNDERSTANDING THE NATIVES! The conversational speeds, the unfamiliar vocabulary, the slang, the idioms, the inconsistency, the dialects, etc. It’s all too much. You’re still translating in your head something that was said three sentences ago. Nothing is making sense past your usual formalities.

You have no problem communicating in all of the Spanish verb tenses, and can read or write a Spanish novel… You are truly an intermediate student- but you want to make that final shove into fluency. PERFECT! This package is made for you!

The two products that you’ll need are immediately available via download- and are well worth the price tag associated with them:

  1. The Spanish Tutor by Affordable Spanish – $117
  2. Fast Lane Spanish by Learning Like Crazy – (Price varies by plan)

The Spanish Tutor by Affordable Spanish will expose you to a lot of explanations, different dialects, and a LOAD of vocabulary. Your “Spanish ear” will be challenged with music, videos, audio, transcripts, stories, novels (read by a certified court translator), games, quizzes, and much more. Though it says it’s a 90 day course, be prepared for it to take longer if you start from the beginning as a beginner student. If you’re an intermediate/advanced student- you can do it in 90 days.

Fast Lane Spanish by Learning Like Crazy is the final push into fluency that you will ever need. Our review team is confident that their company has gone above and beyond any resource that was previously available in providing a tool that will truly create a fluent student. You will see videos will live interviews, hear professionally recorded conversations, etc.

The student that masters these two courses is a completely fluent Spanish speaker. They are bi-lingual by any standard, and are far beyond most students that get a four year degree in Spanish.

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