For the Spanish students that are at an intermediate level, it’s time to pick up the pace. At this level, you should able to fluidly get through all of Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 1 without too much difficulty. You’re ready to push forward.

First and foremost- stick with the working formula. Learning Like Crazy has an EXCELLENT set of resources- and we suggest you follow the program. In order to get you ready to start the advanced topics, you’ll need three products to ensure that you are truly getting close to fluency:

  1. Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 2 by Learning Like Crazy – $99
  2. The Verbarrator by Learning Like Crazy – $57
  3. The Spanish Tutor by Affordable Spanish – $117

You’ll notice that this is very similar to the Beginner’s Verb Package, with the addition of LSLC Level 2. That program will pay huge dividends to ensure that your listening skill level, vocabulary, comprehension, and overall understanding continuously improve. After this set- you’ll be ready for the big leagues!

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