If you have very little to now background with Spanish at all, then you will need to start with some entry level programs. A man named Marcus Santamaria has created some wonderful courses for the absolute beginner, and the courses are designed to build on each other.

The first program that you’ll need to consider is Shortcut to Spanish. Their website is not stellar, and the narrator of the lessons isn’t the most enthusiastic guy you’ve ever heard– but the quality of the content is absolutely superb. The student who masters this program is able to speak complete sentences after just a few minutes. They do a great job as creating a formula that allows the beginner student to effectively communicate on a basic level almost immediately. The audio files are also accompanied by a pdf which is the book that supplements the course.

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Once you have mastered Shortcut to Spanish you’ll want to check out the next program from Marcus called Synergy Spanish. It is designed to continue the student’s learning after Shortcut to Spanish and accomplishes that task seamlessly. The format is very similar to the first program, but the content is increasingly more advanced. The student that masters this program can string several sentences together and can communicate nicely in the present tense. The past tense is covered, but not thoroughly. Together, these are a great program for the true beginner.

Once you have checked out these two products- it might be time to consider Beginner Package 2.

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