The real areas that the Learning Spanish Like Crazy courses could improve a little is with some kind of explanation as to the verb conjugations. Though they provide more than enough examples of each verb tense- they don’t really explain why the conjugations behave the way they do. To satisfy this need, we strongly recommend coupling the LSLC Level 1 and Level 2 course with the The Spanish Tutor by Affordable Spanish. That course consists of the most thorough explanation of the verb tenses that you will find anywhere. You will get a TON of information focusing on ALL 14 verb tenses, uses of the Spanish pronouns (which change the sentence word order), and uses of the word “se.” This 30 Day course is a perfect compliment to explain the conjugation process that you are practicing in Learning Spanish Like Crazy!

These three products, when coupled together, will really push a Spanish student to some upper-intermediate levels very quickly!

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