Learning Italian Like Crazy is made by the same company that produced Learning Spanish Like Crazy, which we feel is among the most effective Spanish learning products on the market. We highly suggest the Italian counterpart, Learning Italian Like Crazy! Below is an excerpt from their site:

Sound Like A Native Italian…

You know from earlier on in this conversation, how important I consider pronunciation to be in speaking Italian.  My language is  a beautiful language filled with “colorful” sounds, pitches, and tones.  When these come together properly, the Italian language makes the speaker sound as though he or she is singing.  This very nature of the Italian language is why it is used in Opera singing.  The sound is almost heavenly. In fact, try it yourself right now, say the word “Salve a tutti – Hello everyone.” Notice the pitch and tone in that very simple phrase.

Well, not only are the pitches and tones what gives Italian the “beautiful” sounds that you hear but also, they are the essential pieces to being understood by a native Italian speaker. In fact, you could be using the correct words and phrases that you may have memorized, but if you don’t use the correct pitch and intonation to express yourself, chances are that a native Italian will have a difficult time understanding you.

For a free sample of the Learning Italian Like Crazy course, please check out the audio lesson below:




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