No one can decide what your budget should be except you. That being said, we can help you prioritize your purchases so that you make sure you spend your money wisely.

For a complete beginner who is just looking to start their Spanish journey, you can pick up Shortcut to Spanish for around $30. Add Synergy Spanish on top of that for $53 and you’re still only at $83. For less than $85, you’ve picked up a good bit of Spanish to learn.

For the student who is more ambitious with their goals, we strongly suggest College Spanish Tutor. Their program will expose you to more Spanish than you had previously thought possible for about $.32 per day.

For the student looking to improve their conversational skills without the full throttle approach of College Spanish Tutor, we highly suggest Learning Spanish Like Crazy coupled with The Verberrator. The biggest drawback from Learning Spanish Like Crazy is that they could do a better job explaining the conjugations of the verbs. However, when you couple your investment with The Verberrator, problem solved! LSLC is about $100 for their downloadable product, and The Verberrator is $57. You’re at $157 and you’re well on your way to true Latin-American Spanish! Add their Level 2 on top of that for another $100, and you will have made a very wise investment.

In other words, to prioritize our investments, please see below:


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