How to Use 3,013 Instant Spanish Words And Speak with Native Spanish Speakers Anywhere.

It’s easy to unlock this treasure chest of Spanish words. All it takes a handful of easy patterns and Spanish is at your fingertips. Once I show you the patterns you’ll make Spanish words in a flash.

In fact, you’ll access a vocabulary of 1000s of Spanish words.

It’s amazing how easy it is to speak real Spanish. Just follow a few simple rules to translate English words into Spanish and you can start communicating in Spanish almost instantly.

Let me give you a brief example.

Almost all English words that end with IC can be made into Spanish by changing IC to ICO.


By the way, there are 253 words in the IC ICO category. After I show you how to use them, you won’t believe how easy it is to have a conversation in Spanish.

But first, the exciting news is there are 30 more treasure troves of instant Spanish words. Let’s look at another group of Spanish words you can use right away.

Next Category CIÓN

Most English words that end with TION can be made into Spanish by changing TION to CIÓN.


Easy isn’t it?

The Ción category has 321 instant words.

Next Category ATE AR

Almost all English words that end with ATE can be made into Spanish by changing ATE to AR.

There are 211 words in the ATE AR category.


Why not take full advantage of this Shortcut to Spanish?

In my course, I show you 28 more categories of Instant Spanish words you can learn at your own pace. You can take the 31 easy 15-25 minute sessions in a month… or you can throw yourself into an intensive weekend of Spanish immersion. By Monday morning you’ll have a new Spanish speaking skill.

Frankly, I like you to take your time and let it sink in. That way it becomes part of you and an Instant Spanish vocabulary of up to 3013 words is yours to tap into whenever you want.

I know what you thinking, but how can I pronounce these words and how do I use them in sentences?

After all, you want be sure you are getting your point across and being understood.

That’s why Shortcut to Spanish comes with 31 step-by-step audio lessons. They get you using these instant Spanish words in ways Spanish speakers understand.

Plus, I show you the power of patterns so you can use the words in complete Spanish sentences with correct pronunciation and be understood.

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