Difference between YA & TODAVIA?

Ya – already, anymore (and some more, like “yes”, “now” but that’s another thing)

Todavía/aún – still, yet

-Ya no me quiere – He doesn’t love me anymore

-¿Has ido ya a comprar? – Have you already done the shopping?

-¿Todavía/Aún estás buscándolo? -You’re still looking for it?

-Si todavía/aún no lo has hecho no te dará tiempo or No te dará tiempo si no lo has hecho ya/aún. If you haven’t finished it yet, you won’t be in time.

via ya / todavía – WordReference Forums.

Another way to think of “ya vs. todavía” is to think of it as follows:

“Ya” in it’s positive form = “Already.”
“Ya + no” = “Not anymore” or “No longer.”

“Todavía” in it’s positive form = “Still.”
“Todavía + no” = “Not yet.”

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