3 Requirements for Subjunctive to be present:

  1. There must be two DIFFERENT subjects
  2. There must be two different verbs (one with each subject); one in indicative, one in subjunctive
  3. There must be a relative pronoun to link the two clauses (que, quien, como)


W = Wishes (wants, demands, desires, expectations, orders, preferences)

  • Espero que me compre un collar de diamantes.  (I hope that he buys me a diamond necklace.)

E = Emotions (annoyed, angry, happy, regretful, sad, scared, surprised)

  • Me allegro de que sonrías. (It makes me happy that you smile.)
  • Estoy enojado de que el tren llegara tarde.  (I am mad that the train arrived late.)

I = Impersonal observations (opinions à  Es + ____ + que + Subject + Verb)

  • EXCEPTIONS = Es verdad que; Es cierto que; Es hecho que
  • Es incredible que los guepardos corran tan rápidamente. (It’s incredible that cheetahs run so fast.)
  • Es importante que llames a tu abuela pos u cumpeaños. (It’s important that you call your grandmother for her birthday.)
  • See more examples below.

R = Recommendations (suggestions, wants, requests, begs)

  • Recomiendo que lleves un casco.  (I recommend that you wear a helmet.)
  • Mi madre me aconseja que coma todo el brécol.  (My mother advises me to eat all the broccoli.)

D = Doubt/Denial or Uncertainty – to question reality

  • No creen que los extraterrestres existan.  (They don’t believe that aliens exist.)
  • Dudo que me llamare.  (I doubt that he will call me.)

O = Ojalá

  • Ojalá (que) ellos lleguen temprano.  (God willing they will arrive early.)
  • Ojalá que venga el padre Noel.  (I hope Santa Claus comes.)
  • ¡Ojalá llueva!  (I hope/God willing that it will rain.)

Below is some elaboration on those points, highlighted from THIS VIDEO.

Compound Sentence Structure

S1 + V1 + que + S2 + V2 à V2 must be in the subjunctive if V1 is anything except certainty

Espero que ella hable español.  à Requires Subjunctive because you are “hoping” which is not certain

Yo sé que ella habla español.  à Doesn’t require subjunctive because “know” is certain. I KNOW that she speaks Spanish.


Impersonal Expressions

Es + _____ + que + S + V

Es importante que estudies ….

Es incredible que José hable tres idioms.

Es major que ellos no insistan.

Ojalá (que) ellos lleguen temprano.


Impersonal “Se”

Se pide a los invitados que confirme su asistencía.

Se recomienda que lleguen temprano.

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