Adjectives from Verbs

The past participle is a form of the verb that usually ends in – ado or – ido. To form a past participle of an – ar verb, remove the – ar and add – ado. To create the past participle form of an – er or – ir verb, remove the infinitive ending and add – ido.

The past participle of most verbs can function as an adjective. Once you have formed the past participle version of the verb, you will have the singular, masculine form of the adjective, which ends in – o. Remember to change the ending to – a for feminine nouns and add – s for plural nouns.

parar = to stop el coche parado the stopped car
organizar = to organize la oficina organizada the organized office
perder = to lose las llaves perdidas the lost keys
vestir = to dress los chicos bien vestidos the well dressed boys

via Spanish I: Adjectives from Verbs – CliffsNotes.

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