The perfect subjunctive is a tense used to speak about situations in the past, but with a point of view in the present. In this context, we could say that we use the Perfect Subjunctive with the same rules as the Present Subjunctive, with the principal verb in present, but with the situation being in the past.

The conjugation for Present Subjunctive is as follows: “Haber” + Past Participle

Yo Haya

Tú Hayas

Usted/Él/Ella Haya + CantADO/ComIDO/BebIDO

Nosotros-as Hayamos

Ustedes/Ellos-as Hayan

For example, we can use it with wishes. Imagine that last week was the wedding of one of your best friends and you couldn’t go. You are speaking with your roommate today and you say: “Ojalá que haya tenido una Buena fiesta” (I hope he had a good party.), “Espero que haya recibido muchos regalos”( I hope he received many gifts.)

We can use this tense with doubts and probabilities: “Probablemente haya habido mucha comida en la fiesta” (There was probably a lot of food at the party.), “Puede ser que José se haya emborrachado en la fiesta”(Joseph may have been drunk at the party).

We can use it with opinions in negative: “No creo que hayan preparado un video para pasar en la fiesta” (I don’t think they have prepared a video to show the party), “No pienso que Martín se haya afeitado para la boda, él es muy informal” (I don’t think that Martin shaved for the wedding, he is very informal.).

We can express emotions too (remember: you need 2 subjects in the idea): “Me encanta que Marcelo se haya casado con Mariana” (I love that Marcelo got married to Mariana.), “Me molesta que no me haya dicho qué le gustaría como regalo” (It bothers me that he did not say what he would like as a gift.).

And finally you can use it with impersonal opinions: “Es increíble que hayan pasado 10 años desde que se conocieron” (It’s amazing that 10 years have passed since they met.), “Es bueno que hayan decidido ir a Grecia de Luna de Miel” (It is good that they decided to go to Greece for their Honeymoon.)

The Perfect Subjunctive can be tricky, but if you practice it enough, you will get the hang of it! Good luck!

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