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When I first started learning Spanish I kept coming across words ending in “arse”.

That’s not as bad as it looks. It’s got nothing to do with a “burro”… it’s pronounced “AHR SEH”.

I am sure you have seen it too, with the words like these;












They are like taco stands in Tijuana, everywhere you look you see one.

And they have a cousin that used to cause me even more confusion. Their cousin is the pesky little pronoun se.

Se habla español.

Se lava las manos.

Se levanta temprano.

Se tiene que ir.

Everywhere you look se, se ,se. Que pasa? (What’s going on?)

There is a slim chance you may have figured this out for yourself. If you have, then a big tip of the hat to you. It literally took me years to get a handle on these verbs.

Most likely though, like me in trying to decode this part of Spanish, you’ve been hit by explanations that left you feeling more confused.

Or maybe it made sense sometimes, but at other times it seemed inconsistent.

Good news!

I can show you a much easier way to use this part of the Spanish language.

The secret is in making connection between Spanish and English.

Once you start seeing the connections, you’ll understand more of what is said to you.

It’s also a great way to fast-track you advancement in how you speak the language. It makes your Spanish sound more authentic, more articulate and more natural.

You can take your first step to more authentic Spanish today by joining in the conversation on the “Hard Spanish Made Easy” audio lesson.

Right Click Here to download the audio

Note: This lesson is one of a series of Spanish multipliers that I am currently writing. This one uses the formal form of Spanish.

I designed the lessons with my graduates of Synergy Spanish in mind.

If you can already get by in Spanish or you have done that course, then this lesson will fall into place for you very easily.

On the other hand, if you find this lesson too difficult, you probably don’t yet have the foundation you need to fully enjoy Spanish.

All you are missing are some key language patterns that are very easy to learn. Synergy Spanish can get you caught up and have your Spanish flowing in just a few weeks.

Let me know what you think of the audio, and if you would like more lessons like this one.

Click HERE to visit Synergy Spanish.

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