This is a list of resources that has been gathered from around the internet. We’re not taking any credit for the content on these pages– but we thought that they were all helpful, so we thought that it would be helpful for you to bookmark this page and refer back to it often during your studying. After all, our main goal at Spanish Site Reviews is to make sure that you really learn Spanish. Enjoy!


Basic Starting Material

Facts About Spanish

10 Mistakes to Avoid While Learning Spanish

The Spanish Alphabet

Spanish Surnames

Regional Variations in Spanish

10 Grammatical Mistakes You Can Avoid


***Getting Started with Verbs – START VERBS HERE***

Business Spanish Verb List

Verb Conjugation Trainer

Spanish Class Online Verbs


Nouns with Two Genders

Gender Exceptions

Ambiguous Genders


Introduction to Pronouns

Subject Pronouns
Prepositional Pronouns

Object Pronouns

Direct Object and Direct Object Pronouns

Indirect Objects and Pronouns

Double Object Pronouns

Reflexive Pronouns

Qué vs Cuál


Using Por and Para

The Personal A
Using Pero and Sino

De and Desde

Prepositional Phrases

Using Cuando as a Preposition

Using Según

Adjectives and Articles

Placement of Adjectives

Different Place, Different Meaning

Use and Omission of the Definite Article

Invariable Adjectives and Color

El and La in Country Names

Adjectival Present Participles


Adverbial Phrases

Placement of Adverbs

Detrás and Atrás
Here and There (Using Aquí, Allí and Ahí)

Saying “Again”


“The More” and “The Less”

Singular or Plural?

Pronunciation-Based Changes in Y and O

Expressing Concepts Such as ‘Although’ and ‘In Spite Of’


***Destinos– AWESOME ***

Listen to Spanish on the Internet

Spanish Vocabulary

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