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Learning Spanish Like Crazy is largely considered to be the most effective company in the world at teaching real Latin-American Spanish. Their programs can take a Spanish novice and have them communicating effectively with native speakers.

Their company has produced some of the most praised products available anywhere. See The Good, The Bad, and The Overview below:

The Good:
Native speakers, using scripts containing vocabulary pertinent to everyday conversation, will have you follow along with them, asking questions and having you take part in their conversation. This forces you to engage as a participant in their conversation as you would in everyday life.

The lessons are professionally recorded by native speakers, and the quality of the audio files are great. The pausing in between sentences give the proper amount of time for you to translate in your head yet force you to get better as the lessons go along. Having personally reviewed each of their programs, our team can honestly report that their programs provide the best “listen and repeat” style approach of any product available anywhere.

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Learning Like Crazy is a company that has taken the Spanish educational world by storm. Their products are superb- and our review team is HIGHLY confident that they can produce repeatable results with their systematic teaching process. Even if you are a beginner and wanting to go all the way to fluency- this company as everything you’ll need. It comes in 4 stages:

  1. Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 1 – $99.95
  2. Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 2 – $97
  3. Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 3 – $97
  4. The Verberrator – $57
  5. Fast Lane Spanish – (Price varies by plan)

So you’ve conquered LSLC Level 2. You’ve polished off your verb conjugation skills with the Verberrator. You don’t have much trouble conveying your thoughts and speaking confidently. The only problem is…….. UNDERSTANDING THE NATIVES! The conversational speeds, the unfamiliar vocabulary, the slang, the idioms, the inconsistency, the dialects, etc. It’s all too much. You’re still translating in your head something that was said three sentences ago. Nothing is making sense past your usual formalities.

You have no problem communicating in all of the Spanish verb tenses, and can read or write a Spanish novel… You are truly an intermediate student- but you want to make that final shove into fluency. PERFECT! This package is made for you!

The two products that you’ll need are immediately available via download- and are well worth the price tag associated with them:

  1. The Spanish Tutor by Affordable Spanish – $117
  2. Fast Lane Spanish by Learning Like Crazy – (Price varies by plan)

The Spanish Tutor by Affordable Spanish will expose you to a lot of explanations, different dialects, and a LOAD of vocabulary. Your “Spanish ear” will be challenged with music, videos, audio, transcripts, stories, novels (read by a certified court translator), games, quizzes, and much more. Though it says it’s a 90 day course, be prepared for it to take longer if you start from the beginning as a beginner student. If you’re an intermediate/advanced student- you can do it in 90 days.

Fast Lane Spanish by Learning Like Crazy is the final push into fluency that you will ever need. Our review team is confident that their company has gone above and beyond any resource that was previously available in providing a tool that will truly create a fluent student. You will see videos will live interviews, hear professionally recorded conversations, etc.

The student that masters these two courses is a completely fluent Spanish speaker. They are bi-lingual by any standard, and are far beyond most students that get a four year degree in Spanish.

For the Spanish students that are at an intermediate level, it’s time to pick up the pace. At this level, you should able to fluidly get through all of Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 1 without too much difficulty. You’re ready to push forward.

First and foremost- stick with the working formula. Learning Like Crazy has an EXCELLENT set of resources- and we suggest you follow the program. In order to get you ready to start the advanced topics, you’ll need three products to ensure that you are truly getting close to fluency:

  1. Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 2 by Learning Like Crazy – $99
  2. The Verbarrator by Learning Like Crazy – $57
  3. The Spanish Tutor by Affordable Spanish – $117

You’ll notice that this is very similar to the Beginner’s Verb Package, with the addition of LSLC Level 2. That program will pay huge dividends to ensure that your listening skill level, vocabulary, comprehension, and overall understanding continuously improve. After this set- you’ll be ready for the big leagues!

The key issue in learning Spanish is MASTERING the verb tenses… All of them… This is because not only will you need to be able to use them- but you will also need to know how to comprehend them when someone is speaking to you. It is the #1 most important topic in your learning journey.

For that reason, we have created a suggested package just for you to completely master the verbs. For this package- you will need three things, listed below:

  1. The Spanish Tutor by Affordable Spanish – $117
  2. The Verberrator by Learning Like Crazy – $57
  3. 501 Spanish Verbs by Christopher Kendris – $10

With these resources, you are pretty well guaranteed to have a better understanding of the Spanish verb tenses than most people who take several years of Spanish in college.

The real areas that the Learning Spanish Like Crazy courses could improve a little is with some kind of explanation as to the verb conjugations. Though they provide more than enough examples of each verb tense- they don’t really explain why the conjugations behave the way they do. To satisfy this need, we strongly recommend coupling the LSLC Level 1 and Level 2 course with the The Spanish Tutor by Affordable Spanish. That course consists of the most thorough explanation of the verb tenses that you will find anywhere. You will get a TON of information focusing on ALL 14 verb tenses, uses of the Spanish pronouns (which change the sentence word order), and uses of the word “se.” This 30 Day course is a perfect compliment to explain the conjugation process that you are practicing in Learning Spanish Like Crazy!

These three products, when coupled together, will really push a Spanish student to some upper-intermediate levels very quickly!

If you feel comfortable with the material covered by Shortcut to Spanish and Synergy Spanish, then you need to consider moving on to the Learning Spanish Like Crazy series. As a beginner, you’ll want to check out their Level 1 Course. It will not only introduce you to common topics in Spanish- but it will also get you accustomed to hearing Latin-American speakers, which will prove to be very valuable later on. This set utilizes the “listen and repeat” method and is very effective. The student that masters this course is definitely ready to start some of the more intermediate topics of Spanish, and has built a solid foundation for their learning.

Once you have familiarized yourself with Level 1, it’s time to check out Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 2. This course gets through the intermediate levels of Spanish and will expose the students to virtually all of the verb tenses- which is the most important topic in learning Spanish. The vocabulary is relevant to every day conversations, and the speed that you will learn to speak and listen is light years better than Pimsleur or Rosetta Stone. The student that masters this course is ready to approach the advanced topics of Spanish and fine-tune his communication abilities.

Please read our full review of the Learning Spanish Like Crazy courses HERE.

If you have very little to now background with Spanish at all, then you will need to start with some entry level programs. A man named Marcus Santamaria has created some wonderful courses for the absolute beginner, and the courses are designed to build on each other.

The first program that you’ll need to consider is Shortcut to Spanish. Their website is not stellar, and the narrator of the lessons isn’t the most enthusiastic guy you’ve ever heard– but the quality of the content is absolutely superb. The student who masters this program is able to speak complete sentences after just a few minutes. They do a great job as creating a formula that allows the beginner student to effectively communicate on a basic level almost immediately. The audio files are also accompanied by a pdf which is the book that supplements the course.

Click HERE to read our full review of Shortcut to Spanish.

Once you have mastered Shortcut to Spanish you’ll want to check out the next program from Marcus called Synergy Spanish. It is designed to continue the student’s learning after Shortcut to Spanish and accomplishes that task seamlessly. The format is very similar to the first program, but the content is increasingly more advanced. The student that masters this program can string several sentences together and can communicate nicely in the present tense. The past tense is covered, but not thoroughly. Together, these are a great program for the true beginner.

Once you have checked out these two products- it might be time to consider Beginner Package 2.

If you are just starting on your Spanish journey- then the first thing that you’ll want to really get good at is the verb tenses of Spanish. For that purpose, we have three products that we recommend you invest in!

The first product is the new course called The Spanish Tutor by Affordable Spanish. This program focuses on their explanations of the verb tenses, the uses of the Spanish pronouns, and the uses of the word “se.” These explanations are of the utmost importance as they really help you to understand how the conjugations behave. This is the most in-depth explanation of the verb tenses that we have found yet.

The next product that we suggest is the Verbarrator. In order for you to really practice all of the verb conjugations that you learned with the 30 Day Electronic Class you will need the Verbarrator to practice each and every tense until you have a complete understanding.

Lastly, you will need the book 501 Spanish Verbs by Kendris to supplement the lectures from The Spanish Tutor. Their lectures go hand-in-hand with this book and you’ll find that it’s worth it’s weight in gold!

So for around $100, you can invest in these three resources and have enough Spanish to keep you busy for a while. Furthermore, the end result will be something that most Spanish students never have– a COMPLETE understanding of the Spanish verb tenses!


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